Monument Valley-Grand Canyon etc.

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OK, this is it. Flat desert scapes, tall cactuses, and tumbleweeds...

We were off to monument valley. Wow, look at those spectacular rocks. Tall spire rocks. Deep cliff rocks. Weird sculpted rocks. Way cool. But I don't see any of them tall cactuses. Never mind, these rock are really cool.





Hopping into the back of our guide's jeep, we trucked off into the high desert.




You just wouldn't believe it, the whole valley was full of these big, rock... structures, almost like buildings or... can't think of an analogy for them, but they were quite impressive.




Then we motored to the Grand Canyon, which was, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, quite a... grand- canyon.




The shot below was actually taken from the space shuttle, it stopped at the park every hour.








From the Grand Canyon, we headed south toward Flagstaff, taking one or 2 "shortcuts" along the way.




And ending up at Crater national monument. (Wait, that's what those rocks looked like). Anyway, we crawled around a little on the black volcanic ash, then headed further staff toward Pheonix, from where our plane would leave in the morning.






The view driving into Phoenix



Night fell as we entered Phoenix. Through our sleepy eyes, we could barely make out shapes on the side of the road. Wait! What are those? They look like, tall cactuses! And empty flat desert! And tumbleweeds! I mean, I think I see a tumbleweed. Wow, the desert of our dreams at last. In the pitch black of night.  Wait till I tell ma!


Well, that's the end. We're home now. We hope you enjoyed our little photo tour. If not, you can write to us for a full refund of your purchase price. We'll try to go somewhere even more exciting on our next vacation, so y'all can see even more stunning photos and here even more amazing tall tales. Until then, yippee ki yi yodee little dowgies.