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9. Mt. Hood/ The Deschutes River

This is the thrill-seekers part of the trip.  Julia, Scott, Kam, David, and Matt (Kam's son) drove to Mt. Hood, played in the snow, goofed around in the resort area, camped by the Deschutes, and then went whitewater rafting down the river.  Wooo-ooooohhh!

Matt catches some snow on the "Dave board"!



The clan



The desert as we approached the Deschutes River Gorge.









10. Seattle

And then we came full circle, back to Seattle to Rhonda and Greg's.  Friday, we took Dustin and went into the city.  

We saw the fish market (note the flying fish), the aquarium, and various bits and pieces of Seattle.



Then back on the plane to heat wave drought land.  And back to work (noooooooo!).  Hope you liked this little tour.