Christmas 05

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020_17.jpg (427168 bytes) Welcome home to Christmas at the Rucci's log home "Christmas-o-rama" extravaganza. 014_11.jpg (300675 bytes)

Time to kick back and enjoy 30 degree fishing expedition...

007_4A_0001.jpg (259608 bytes) 008_5A_0001.jpg (217936 bytes) 016_13A_0001.jpg (235736 bytes)
022_19A_0001.jpg (327762 bytes) ... to exotic Lake Jocassee. 


(technically, it's still a fishing trip if no actually catches any fish, right?)


Then, of course, there's the food, the nieces, the nephews, the aunts, uncles, moms, dads, grandads, and... food.

026_23.jpg (319233 bytes)
023_20.jpg (262099 bytes) 024_21.jpg (297152 bytes) 027_24.jpg (300066 bytes)
025_22.jpg (255628 bytes) And, introducing... Christian, the newest member of the clan. Don't look so worried, buddy, you'll get used to it.
015_12A.jpg (296416 bytes) And for your viewing pleasure, Christmas-o-rama presents... sunset at the Rucci home. 004_1A.jpg (255251 bytes)
021_18A.jpg (186217 bytes) 025_22A.jpg (213433 bytes) 023_20A.jpg (261803 bytes)
024_21A.jpg (219132 bytes) 020_17A.jpg (189081 bytes)
And, finally, a couple of bonus shots of the lights (they have to fire up that second reactor in the valley for this one). 027_24A.jpg (290801 bytes) 012_9.jpg (417937 bytes)