Ireland 2

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Our last couple of days in Ireland were spent at the impressive Cliffs of Moher, 700 feet above the Atlantic.
Just had to get the shot, didn't you.





The cliffs are home to approximately 32 gazillion birds-  gulls, kittiwakes, puffins, gannets... I think this is the bird equivalent of a highrise apartment building.
Views from a boat tour.
In case it isn't obvious.
A quick tour of Doolin cave (loves me some cave)...
  ... and on to Dunratty Castle and Folk park.  
  Pretty cool place  
  Ahh, Medieval livin'  
Though I will say security wasn't much of a problem.
Then we followed signs... ... to the beautiful downtown Bunratty... ... to make pigs of ourselves (that's me on the left)...
And one last meal at Durty Nelly's pub, in the shadow of the castle.
That's it folks. Hope you enjoyed the tour.  
Self portrait.