NYC 2011




Start spreading the news. A trip so nice we named it twice. The Grays, the Ruccis...forgetaboutit!

So here are a few pix from our recent trip to NYC with Julia and Scott's parents and Julia's brother Andy.

Left to Right- Elizabeth, Julia, Scott, Harold, Andrew, Joe, and Darlene

Our journey began with an evening boat tour around the island conducted by Scott's college buddy Dave.

Except for the brief gale force winds, we had a lovely ride as the sun set over Manhattan.

The next day we took in the Intrepid Air and Space museum and the Metropolitan Museum of art (sorry no museum pix). If you really need to a visual I can recommend some good art books.

These are some of the amazing sites and wonders we experienced aboard the intrepid, all un-retouched and with a great sense of reverence.




You may have noticed that none of the women are in any of these pictures. Actually, the guys went to the Intrepid and the ladies went to the Met. Something about culture and sophistication...

That evening we wandered around Time Square. Not sure why these pix turned out this way, but we may have been drinking just a little.

We saw Wicked this night (which was wicked I must say) and Jersey Boys the next night.

The next day we took a boat out to Ellis Island and walked around downtown- the World Trade Center site, the highline park.

On Saturday we wandered around central park, took a carraige ride, walked through FAO Schwartz and generally milled around.




And finally on Saturday night took a bus tour around the city, also as the sun set.




And we all came home to tell the story. If we could make it there we'll make it anywhere. Take it away Frankie...