Spring Break 04

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Greetings from Sunny South Florida. Just a few pix of the Everglades and such.


We began our trek in Miami Beach. We got a lot of great pictures of our wild times there, but they are currently being held as evidence by the Miami Dade police.

An amazing coincidence, we discover that Julia's brother Andrew happens to be in Miami for work the same day we were there.




The mangrove channels above, Julia and Andrew ready for the big swim.


So we met him the second day and headed to Key Largo for a little snorkeling. We really wanted to take the camera in the water, but since it's not an underwater camera, we reconsidered.


Andrew left us, and we spent the next couple of days exploring the Everglades National Park.




Cool and weird vistas a plenty in the southern part of the park.







(The everglades are kind of like the low spot in our yard when it rains for 3 days straight- except 3 feet deeper and 1700 square miles bigger with these little "islands" of dry land cropping up here and there and lots of alligators prowling around.)




Next we started on our way to the north part of Everglades park (the 2 don't connect by road through the park). On the way, we got sidetracked by this alligator farm. We saw lots of alligators covered with this bright green algae that grew in their pond. We learned that alligators are viscous creatures and that we required a huge steel double fence to keep us from being eaten alive, like the chicken in the gator's mouth below.





Da dunt da dunt da dunt...





Mmm, tastes like chicken.


Next we went to the north part of the park and rode bikes. We noticed that the alligators here roam freely along the bike trail and that mothers protected their young a mere 10 feet or so off the path.



Little baby maneaters.


When we came out of shock, we observed many a spectacular flora and fauna.








Scott even made some friends.

Our journey concludes with lazy days on the beach at Ft. Meyers Beach and Sanibel Island, where we saw this little dolphin meandering along the shore.

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