Summer of ME '04

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Greetings from ME (Maine, that is). Promising copious opportunities to shop in quant little villages, Scott persuades Julia to travel Northward to the coast of Maine. Sit back and enjoy a tale of a fateful trip.





Our second day out, we hopped aboard a tiny ship, and journeyed through the fog past lighthouses and lobsterman to Monhegan island. It was an hour and a half boat ride each way to this remote island, so round trip it was about a three hour tour. A three hour tour.




The weather started getting rough (foggy), but that didn't stop us from enjoying this wonderful island. Monhegan is kind of an artist colony nestled amongst Maine's highest cliffs.




The 75 permanent residents of the island are artists, fisherman, and shopkeepers. 4/5 of the island is preserved in it's natural state, with a series of trails that run along the cliffs and through the woods...





... wild flowers, seemingly tame butterflies, and art everywhere you look.





From Monhegan we continued north. Freeport, Boothbay, Wicassett, Rockland, Rockport, Camden...




The end of the week landed us in Acadia National Park. With over a hundred hiking trails, we found no shortage of amazing views of the mountains, lakes, and sea of Acadia.




The trails were rough in spots, Scott had to clear away some big rocks in places.

But it was worth it, even when the fog rolled in again.


To the right is Herbie our tour guide and eater of extra lunch food.

This is the beehive. Those white dots are people. On the far right is the view from the "trail" (aka ladder).


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