Act 2- Zero Hour

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The Scene

 The Borden Building "Was it 8 rows of 10 or 10 rows of 8?"  "Alright boys, we got no room for mistakes here..."
 Exterior.  Late afternoon.  A sunny autumn day in a lovely park.  Beside a majestic historic house, chairs are set (and reset) for the big event.  The "director" leads the press corps into position.

The Players
The star.  Producer, and bride extraordinaire, Julia.
The folks, all gussied up.
 With Elizabeth & Harold Gray    With Darlene & Joe Rucci.
The bridesmaids:  Barb, Kim, and Iris.

The groomsmen:  Dave, Dave, and Jay.

Julia's brothers:  Andrew, Jonathan, and David.

Scott's brothers:  Brian, Rob, Chris, and Mike.

(Odd scarcity of daughters in these families)

 The Grays   The Ruccis

Backstage, just before the show

The Curtain Rises!
 Ned officiated (expertly)... 
 o'er the vows... the ring... and the other stuff...
"Hey everybody, we did it!"

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