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Friday,  June 16:   5 hours of driving, 2 longggg plane rides, a lot of confused French people, about 20 minutes of sleep, and one Hostess lemon pie later, we arrive in London.  Thoroughly exhausted.  So we took a bus tour.

   Scott's view of Charles de Gaulle Airport as he tries to nap And the tower bridge at dusk.


 Westminster Abbey A beefeater (for real) The Tower of London




The Weekend:  Up at the crack of noon, we were off to explore London town.  On Saturday we explored Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Coven Gardens , and a really weird Lebanese restaurant where a guy next to us ordered a bong for dessert.  We didn't ask too many questions.

Sunday brought the Tower of  London (crown jewels, torture chambers, etc.), pub food, Greenwich (home of mean time at the Royal Observatory), and a peak at the Millennium  Dome (sort of a portable Disney World).

The Prime Meridian

<= Yesterday, Tomorrow =>


   Has anybody got the correct time.

Scott liked the tubes (British for subway).  

(Julia almost left him there with his camera a couple of times).





 The London Eye View from the Eye Changing of the Guard

On Monday it was off to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard,  St. Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye (basically a gargantuan Ferris wheel), and Parliament to hear the House of Commons and House of Lords debate.


 Big Ben Parliament

For lunch Monday, we strolled into a lovely gated garden near our B & B.  Scott left Julia and went to get some drinks.  Upon his return, he learned (via a sign on the locked gate) that this was a private garden.  Unbeknown to Julia, deep inside the garden, Scott wandered around fruitlessly looking for someone to let him in.  Finally, a kind gardener opened the gate, only to result in both of us being locked inside.  So, after a charming lunch (might as well take advantage, eh?), we lurked around the gate until some people came out and then just coincidentally decided we were about ready to leave.



 The Big Shoo in the Dome The Outside of the Dome Honey, I'm havin' trouble keeping track of time.
On Tuesday we went  Kensington Gardens, the  National Gallery, and the Millennium Dome.

London Somerset, Devon Paris Normandy

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