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 Sunday, June 25:  Ah, Paris.  City of lights.  Kind of like Durham, but a couple of thousand years older, twenty times bigger, and with a few more museums.  And a bunch of people that speak French.

We arrived Sunday morning back at Chas de Gaulle, and subwayed to our hotel in Montmartre. Montmartre would be like Paris' Greenwich Village if most of Paris wasn't already like Greenwich Village.  Anyway, it's where lots of artists hang out.

After settling in, we visited the Georges Pompidou modern art museum, a Picasso museum, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

  The Pompidou

On Monday we took a self-guided walking tour of Montmartre, and visited a Salvador Dali museum.

Later in the day, we made a turbo tour of the Louvre (a little museum easily seen in an afternoon),  and then strolled along the Champs-Elysees that night.

  Sacre-Couer on Montmarte  Hard at work in Montmartre  

 Now THAT'S a traffic jam (view from atop the Arc de Triomph)  Just a pretty little church on Montmartre

Arc de Triomph

 The Louvre, where we saw... Monets... and Picassos.

Tuesday.  The big day.  

We returned to the Isle de France in the center of the city (where Notre Dame is) and went through a magnificent Cathedral called St. Chapelle and a huge government building called the Concierge.  From the island we took a boat up and down the Seine past the Eiffel Tower , the Louvre, and Notre Dame.  From there we walked south through the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, and then east to the Pantheon, a massive royal mausoleum.  

 St. Chapelle 2 Views of Luxembourg Gardens  
At last, the evening of truth arrived.  We returned to Montmartre for the absolute best meal we had during the whole trip.  Have we mentioned the French can cook?  Ooh la la!  After almost losing Scott to an overly tempting creme brulee, we headed back south to the Eiffel Tower (y'all have heard this part, haven't ya?).
Views of the Tower   
There, amidst the city lights, Scott popped the question, and Julia said....


yes!  Whew!

  It's a long way to the top!   Us, moments after he popped the question.
Just as a reality check, because we stayed atop the tower so long, we missed the last train home, then stood on the wrong side of the road and missed the bus, so we had to wait about an hour and a half for the next bus in the freezing cold.  Ah, to be numb and in love!

 St. Madeline church in the high class part of town  Between the Louvre and Champs-Elysees  La Defense
On Wednesday, we tooled around in the high class part of town (trying to find Scott silk stalkings- don't ask), walked down the Champs-Elysees in the daylight, and finally rode out to La Defense, a very modern part of town built partially for the department of defense (French, not US).

 We where particularly fond of the statues on the right.  Marie Antoinette's little "play village".  Wasn't she just the dearest thing?  More of Versailles
On Thursday we whipped through the Musee d'Orsay, rented a car, and headed to Versailles.  We loved the magnificent architecture of Versaille, particularly some of the statues.  After touring the palace proper, we took a little tram around the grounds, where we saw the little village Marie Antoinette had constructed to remind her of her home back in Austria.  What ever happened to that sweet girl?

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