Julia and Scott in the Great Northwest

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The Journey

July 16, 1999.  

An otherwise uneventful Friday.  Save for the departure of two young travelers, bound for adventure (after a very long plane trip).  

Cut to Seattle Washington.  12:30am.  The Journey begins...

1. Cousins Rhonda and Greg,  2. Mini family reunion,  3.Olympic national park,  4. Victoria, 5. Vancouver Island,  6. Vancouver,                7. Curlew, Washington,  8. Outside of Portland, Oregon,  9. Mt. Hood and the Deschutes River, 10. Seattle

1. Rhonda and Greg's


After a grueling 7 hours of travel (aren't 20th century people wimps), we arrived at the home of our delightful hosts for our first 2 days in the Seattle area, Scott's cousin Rhonda and her family, Greg, Danielle, and Dustin.  As for the quality of our stay, let me just say that I highly recommend the Greg and Rhonda Bed and Breakfast to any traveler. (But I hear it's really tough to get reservations.)  Thanks again, guys, we had a blast.


2. Impromptu family reunion

On Saturday, we drove down to Tacoma area, where several of Scott's relatives met us for an amazingly good Salmon dinner (caught by my cousin in Alaska) and get together at Scott's cousin Renee's house.  Uncle Ed and Aunt Jane, Cousins Renee, Rhonda, and Deana were there with their families.


3. Olympic National Park

On Sunday, we drove through Seattle to a Ferry and crossed Puget Sound over to the Olympic National Park.  We leisurely drove up along the coast of the sound, stopping in little towns to shop and site see, then headed up Hurricane Ridge for some fun in the snow (yep, snow).

Views of the Puget Sound Coast


Julia on the Ferry to Victoria                                  A view from the top of Hurricane Ridge


On top of the ridge

The wildlife on Hurricane Ridge was practically tame.  We saw dear, bears, and mountain beaver (or malamute [?], we couldn't quite tell).


4. Victoria

From the park area, we ferried across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the City of Victoria.  Victoria is like a miniature England, complete with flower gardens and high tea.






The Empress Hotel (a landmark), and a street performer.


Lots of Native American art, like this totem pole.






A view of a residential area in Victoria from the scenic coastal drive.