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5. Vancouver Island

From Victoria, we drive up and across Vancouver Island.  This is an amazing beautiful place.






We saw whales...   eagles..



marine life...



hot springs... (look close, can you spot Julia)


temperate rainforests...


an undisturbed Pacific coast, and gorgeous views as we drove past lakes, rushing whitewater rivers, and mountains.  





This 360 view below is Port Alberni in the middle of the island.


6. Vancouver

Then, back in the rental car and back across the island and onto another Ferry to the city of Vancouver.  





Julia on the Ferry (looking angelic), and on a suspension bridge hanging waaaaaay over a gorge in a park in North Vancouver.


The street outside our Vancouver hotel. This area is called Gastown.  It has been preserved since the late 1800s, when gas lamps lit the city.





7. Curlew, Washington

From Vancouver, we took another long drive through the Cascade Mountains in Canada to Scott's Grandparents home in North Central Washington.  Nestled in the Kettle River valley, this area is absolutely spectacular. Lots of incredible scenery, peace and quiet, wildlife, and great company. And very few people.

Scott's Uncle Steve, cousin Stephanie & family.

This is the view from across the street at, Grandma and Grandpas, looking down the valley.


It was great to see everyone, and Uncle Steve and Aunt June were awesome hosts.

The mountain in Grandma and Grandpa’s "front yard".


The town of Republic, the nearby "big city".






Julia gets to ride in the big logging truck!      The desert south of Curlew, on our way to Oregon.


8. Outside of Portland, Oregon

From Curlew, we made our way through the desert of central Washington, along the Columbia River Basin, and into Oregon.  In Oregon, outside of Portland, we met Julia's brother David, and his wife Kam, and her kids.  

On the way, we saw some awesome waterfalls and forests.